VA Benefits for Disabled Veterans

Did you know that disabled veterans can qualify for exclusive home loan benefits? Most veterans with disabilities caused by injuries that occurred in service are eligible. The VA wants to make sure they get exceptional care and have a comfortable housing arrangement. They will still need to qualify for a CityWorth Mortgage loan by meeting our flexible credit and income requirements.

Disabled Veterans can qualify for the following:

        • Exemption from the VA funding fee

        • Grants to adapt their homes to specific disabilities

VA Funding Fee Exemption

Disabled veterans are exempt from paying the VA funding fee. This will save them thousands of dollars. Generally, all veterans must pay this fee to keep the VA program running and reduce the burden on taxpayers. The fee is typically 2.30%-3.6% of the loan for eligible borrowers using the no down payment option. Surviving spouses of a veteran who died in service or from a service-connected disability can also apply.

Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

The VA offers disabled veterans monetary assistance to construct or modify a home to best meet their needs. If you have a permanent and total service-connected disability, you may be entitled to one of the grants. Go here to find out if you qualify for eligibility. Two grant programs are available: the Specially Adapted Housing Grant and the Special Housing Adaption Grant.

Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant

This grant helps veterans with certain service-connected disabilities to live comfortably and independently in a safe environment. This grant can be used in the following ways:

        • Construct a specially adapted home on land to be acquired

        • Build a home on land already owned for specially adapted housing

        • Remodel an existing home to be made suitable for specially adapted housing

Special Housing Adaption (SHA) Grant

This helps veterans with service-connected disabilities adapt or purchase a home to accommodate the disability. The grant can be used in the following ways:

        • Adapt an existing home the veteran or a family member already owns

        • Adapt a home the veteran or a family member intends to purchase

        • Help a veteran purchase a home already adapted

Getting Started

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