The Right Mortgage Begins With
Choosing The Right Lender

Successfully managing your mortgage begins with choosing the right lender.

Finding the right loan that fits your needs and your long-term goals of debt management requires a personalized service that many other lenders are not willing to provide. Rest assured, however, that dedicated and thoughtful service is precisely what you will get when you choose CityWorth Mortgage as your mortgage professionals. 

As we partner to find the right loan for you, it’s important that you understand the process. These are the most commonly asked questions about the initial stages of borrowing.

What is pre-approval?

Pre-approval is a document showing that you have a lender willing to finance you. This means that we at CityWorth Mortgage have reviewed your loan application and, based on your income, debt ratio, and savings, have approved a specific amount that you are eligible to borrow. With the pre-approval, you can now shop around for houses that fit into that loan amount. 

One of the great benefits of getting CityWorth Mortgage pre-approval is that gives you the leverage to shop as a cash buyer! With a pre-approval in hand, you now have the power to negotiate - the same as if you had the cash at hand. 

Pre-approval offers, even those that are below asking price, are taken seriously. That’s because we have done most of the leg-work upfront, so CityWorth Mortgage pre-approved offers have shorter closing times, making the seller more willing to take your offer. 

What does it cost to get pre-approved? 

Pre-approval is free and fast! Call us today for a no-obligation consultation and be one step closer to your dream!

What if I have less-than-perfect credit?

Don't worry - at CityWorth Mortgage, we specialize in helping people with less-than-perfect credit buy homes every day. We know that you are more than your credit score, and we want to help you achieve your dream of homeownership. Call us today or apply online to speak with a mortgage professional who can create the perfect loan program for you and your situation!