Get Help with Veteran Debt Consolidation

Many military families find themselves burdened with debt and having a very tough time paying their bills each month. Despite the existence of laws to protect veterans from falling into significant debt, it is still easy to accumulate, especially if you have a family.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation through the VA allows veterans to use the equity in their homes to consolidate their high interest rate debts into one low rate loan and reduce the monthly mortgage payment. In addition to lowering your monthly payments you can take cash out as a reserve to help smooth out financial bumps in the future.

How can veterans consolidate their debt?

Millions of homeowners have consolidated their debt and saved hundreds of dollars every month with the Department of Veteran Affairs' guaranteed VA loans. VA debt consolidation loans are designed to help military veterans and active duty members consolidate debts and make monthly payments affordable.

• Save hundreds of dollars a month.

• Pay just one bill every month.

• Cash out to 100% of your home value.

• Totally erase your high interest rate debt.

• Pay college or other tuition.

CityWorth Mortgage, experts in debt consolidation, specialize in helping families just like yours consolidate debt and lower monthly payments. Many financial experts agree that a debt consolidation loan is a great way to regain control of your finances.

Worried about your credit score?

Even if you have been turned down before or are concerned because your credit score is low, we can help. We do loans that other lenders won’t, and we will fight for your right to get the benefits you were promised. Request a free online quick quote by filling out the form to the right or call us today at 877-908-6250. We want to see our veterans stress-free, and on the road to financial stability.

Disclosure: While your monthly payments will be lower, consolidating your debts may increase the length of time needed to repay the debts and your finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.