Final Four Ways to Improve Your Credit Score


Ready to buy your own home? Be sure your credit is ready by checking our four easy ways to improve your credit score and apply today!


Keep Your Credit Card Balances Low

Keeping your balance low is important, because it shows you can responsibly manage your credit. Try to keep your balances at 30% of your limit or less.

Make Timely Payments

Making late payments can heavily impact your credit score, so be sure to set reminders and pay your bills on time to keep your score high.

Maintain Established Accounts

Having accounts open and well maintained over a year or more can greatly increase your credit score by showing you can manage accounts over a long period of time.

Prioritize Your Payments

While paying off collections is important, maintaining healthy active accounts makes a bigger impact. Focus on current accounts as well as collections.


With those trick shots up your sleeve, you’re ready to apply today!